Jul 01

Getting Crypto Pairs to Appear on Metatrader 4

For a lot of new users opening Metatrader 4 for the first time, one of their first questions is “how do I see the crypto pairs on MT4”.

Adding Cryptocurrency Pairs to Metatrader 4

Getting these symbols to appear is very easy:
1) Locate the Market Watch Symbols table on the left hand side

metatrader 4 symbol table

2) Right click anywhere on the Market Watch Symbols table and then select ‘Symbols’ from this menu. Alternatively just press Ctrl+U

metatrader 4 right click

3) This new Symbols popup will give you several categories of symbols to choose from. In this example we want to add a Crypto pair – so we’ll press the plus symbol next to Cryptos

4) Now highlight the symbols that you want to add, so that you can see them in charts, and open trades etc. Then press the “Show” button for each symbol you want to add to Metatrader 4.

metatrader 4 enable symbol

5) You will now see the symbols you have chosen in the Market Watch Symbols list – you can now trade as normal with these symbols and open Charts.

metatrader 4 crypto symbols added