Nov 20

Deposit With Your Card Using Coinbase

Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency.  You can credit your Cryptorocket trading account using Coinbase. The below guide will show you how!

Skip to Section 6 if you already have a Coinbase account and a balance of BTC. 

1) Create an Account on Coinbase

Once you create an account, confirm your personal details and login. You may be asked to upload a scan of ID. Once you’ve logged in, continue to the next step.

2) Navigate to Account Settings

Navigate to the top right corner and click on your name. There should be a drop-down menu where you can click “Settings”. Then click “Linked Accounts” on the menu at the top and you should see something that looks like this:

Click on “Link a New Account” in the right corner.

3) Click Credit/Debit Card or Whatever Else You’d Like to Deposit to Coinbase With


4) Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information


This will look slightly different depending on your country

5) Buy Bitcoin Using the Linked Account


buy coinbase

A new modal will appear, just press “Buy Now” and you’ll purchase the BTC.

buy now coinbase


6) Sign in to Cryptorocket and Review Deposit Options

  1. Select ‘Make a Deposit’ on the left-hand side under “Transactions
  2. Select ‘Bitcoin’ as your preferred deposit method
  3. Choose between USD and BIT as your chosen currency
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Click ‘Deposit’ – From there you will be redirected to your payments system.

Note: 1 BIT is the equivalent of 1 microbitcoin. Or 1 μBTC. This is actually a representation of 0.000001 Bitcoin (BTC).

The term “BIT” is a popular new unit being used to represent smaller Bitcoin amounts, it allows us a handy way to represent BTC in MT4 for trading purposes.

7) Copy Your BTC Deposit Address


Deposit bitcoin step 2

Here you’ll see a BTC address. This bitcoin wallet address will be generated for you to send funds to.

**Important!  This wallet address will expire 15 minutes after being generated if no BTC transaction is initiated. Should the 15 minutes elapse, please restart the deposit process.

Copy this bitcoin wallet address (you can press the copy button to the left of it to save it to clipboard) as you’ll need this to send BTC to deposit your account. Alternatively you can copy the QR code.

8) Back in Coinbase – Send Your Bitcoin to the Cryptorocket Wallet


  1. Navigate to the Portfolio section of Coinbase and select Bitcoin. Your balance will be next to it.
  2. Then select the ‘Send’ button in the Bitcoin wallet.
  3. In the Send BTC popup, paste the Cryptorocket BTC address into ‘Recipient’
  4. Specify the BTC amount to deposit – note that if you send more, or less, it will be correctly added to your Cryptorocket account.

Coinbase will then send you an email to verify the transaction, so check your email and click on the “Confirm Withdrawal” button.

That’s it – now you can check your Cryptorocket dashboard and after 6 confirmations on the BTC network, your account will automatically be credited. How fast this happens is determined by blockchain speed.

You’re all set!